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Technical Info & Specs

Troop Industrial offers the best, most reliable equipment for a job done right in industrial construction. Plus, our expert team has the knowledge, experience, and insights to assist you with premier, professional service.

See below for helpful resource information on specs and technical information for your supplies, materials, tools and parts for industrial construction.



Standards for bolting material developed and published by ASTM International and SAE International. Click for your selection.

ASTM A193 ►
ASTM A307 ►
ASTM A320 ►
ASTM A325 ►
ASTM A453 ►
ASTM A449 ►
ASTM A490 ►
ASTM A540 ►

SAE J429 A429 ►


J Bolts


Click here to download this illustration defining the dimensions of J-Bolts. Dimensions can be customized to meet specific requirements.

For custom sizing, click here to reach a Troop consultant ►

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J Bolts