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When the Dust Flies, a Veteran’s Got Your Back

Here’s a scenario that’s all too common in this industry. Maybe you’ve been there recently. 

Just imagine: You’re in charge of delivering a large-scale EPC construction project on the Louisiana Gulf Coast — a massive refinery expansion. The clock is ticking, the budget is shrinking, and your guys are strapping on their boots for another day on the job-site. There’s just one problem…

You’ve got plenty of elbow grease, but a last-minute order of mission critical material still hasn’t shown up. Snag in the supply chain. So now your team is sitting on their hands, burning daylight. The phones at your supplier might as well be run by robots, and the client is breathing down your neck about deadlines. 

We’ve all been there.

Surround Yourself With People That Just Get It

Now imagine having a material distribution team on your job that is owned by a Marine. He employs Veterans and other like-minded professionals — hard-working people that love America — on a team whose motto is “No Excuses - Make Shit Happen.” These guys attack your issue head on with experienced hands, effective communication, and a passion to deliver. Your material is on-site, waiting for you, rather than the other way around.Tattoo on the back of a hand

Imagination is a reality when you engage with Troop Industrial.

Veterans and construction are a match made in the heart of America’s economic engine. Our employees are just like our core customers: We love getting our hands dirty. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, cold, pouring rain, or beating sun… We’ve got a job to do, and nothing will stop that.

A Veteran-owned business is all about hard work and results. Just like our customers, we’re patriotic and mission driven. This industry is made of folks that know what it takes to build America from the ground up. When that mentality is obvious and shared across all levels of your distributor’s company, you know you’re in good hands.

A Veteran-Owned Team That Speaks Your LanguageTroop industrial sign and founder Brian Swindel

Being in the armed forces, experiencing combat…these are influences that don’t go away with time. They actually get even stronger as you age. There’s a reason we surround ourselves with other Marines, Soldiers, Navy, Air Force, and hard-working, patriotic Americans. We operate at our best when we work alongside the people that share our mindset, that understand our language.

This is something that Troop Industrial brings to each customer relationship. We get our customers because we have so much in common. Every construction partner we work with knows what it’s like to have dirty boots, dirty hands, and push through urgent challenges and tough environments with force of will. 

As men and women who have laid it all on the line for our country, the people in our veteran construction material business know firsthand the importance of integrity, commitment, and reliability. This all-in perspective is not just a good fit for the construction industry — it’s the reason we’re here. Let’s build America.

If any of that sounded like you, you’re in the right place. Give us a call and get the material you need to get the job done.