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The Secret Sauce For Ordering Material On Your Capital Project in 2022

Industrial contractors continue to face challenges with labor scarcity, inflation, and product shortages. Signs of recovery for industries in commercial and industrial construction face risk from ongoing supply chain disruptions. Staying ahead of the curve on your next project requires finding a distributor that understands how to tackle these issues with effective approaches. Be certain that the distributor you partner with considers these important approaches to prepare for any project supply needs. 

Invests in Data-Driven Technology 

Many contractors recognize that technology integration is key to successful management of industrial projects. However, many supply companies still rely on outdated methods. According to a study from McKinsey, three-quarters of businesses still rely on spreadsheets to track data, while only a quarter use AI technology. Although transitioning to high-tech data collection is a process, the future is already here. Trustworthy data is key to bringing together people and tools so organizations can digitize their supply management. This data keeps sales, organization, and management running smoothly. Your distributor must apply innovative technology data-driven leadership, so your team stays on task. 

Centers Customer Centricity 

Behind every project are people that make the vision a reality. Customer centricity is more than just making the customer happy, it’s recognizing that they’re a real person. The right supply distributor will see that you are not just a buyer, but a human. Collaborating with a customer-centric company means they’re invested in you and your team. When your distributor supports your project vision, they’re prioritizing both the resources you need and the mission. This means they’ll find the materials you need with efficiency and do everything in their power to secure products ahead of schedule. Your success is their success, so contractors need to ensure they’re investing time in a company that cares about a project’s achievements. 

Ordering industrial project supplies ahead of time doesn’t have to be a headache when you’re partnering with a top-tier distributor. Troop Industrial represents each of these values, especially with our cloud-based special ops team, Projexx. Ready to start your next project? Contact us for more information today.