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The Benefits of Ordering Material Through A World Class Distributor

When you need to deliver world-class performance on an EPC project, partnering with a world-class Team is imperative. The benefits of collaborating and aligning with experienced professionals:

  • Predict and prevent pitfalls/bottlenecks
  • Understands and actively supports the scope of work
  • Meets timelines
  • Finds ways to reduce job costs 
  • Positively impacts job performance 
  • Positively impacts the schedule 
  • Positively impacts profitability 

Troop Industrial has an accomplished and proven track record when partnering with Project Managers, Construction Managers, Procurement Managers, Material Managers, and other layers of supervision on a job. Troop Industrial’s owner is engaged and looking at the project from an “Owners” perspective and actively looking at ways to positively impact performance and profitability. Our people, knowledge, experience, expertise, and innovative, technology driven solutions support the EPC community. Troop is more than a supplier of stud bolts, gaskets, fasteners, fittings, and construction supplies. We are an innovative partner that you can plug into work side by side with you and your Team to create a successful project that finishes on time and under budget. 


Why Early Collaboration Matters 

Early partnership with a world class distributor can contribute significantly to preventing challenges before they arise. Just as your team operates with a focus on performance, you need your supplier that reflects the same attitude. When you’re working towards an end goal, collaborating with your distributor sets everyone up for remarkable results. Think of us as an extension of your own EPC team. Troop Industrial’s Projexx Group is a special ops team that dedicates their time to tracking and monitoring your materials so you can focus time and money on other parts of your project. Through the Projexx Group, you receive real-time tracking on active orders; you receive order acknowledgements, proof of delivery,  mill test reports (MTR’s), invoices, and current material spend in a cloud environment accessible online to relevant project staff. As we work together, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in material lost in the field, reduced manpower costs waiting on material; improving profitability. Money and time saved contributes to improved morale throughout the course of their project. 


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Leaders Consistently Adapt to Change 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, EPC leaders managed crises with clarity and focus. The strongest industry leaders have always known how to address immediate issues and build resilience in the workforce. Protecting workers, demonstrating compliance with local regulations, and managing supplier relationships and contracts is a daily routine for EPC companies. Your relationship with a world class distributor is vital for keeping an operation smoothly running. Partnering with the right supplier can set your project up for both short-term and long-term success. Trust your leadership and align with a distributor that will see your entire project to the end. Providing material is only the beginning. High-quality products perform best when matched with a personal service that’s invested in your project’s success. 

Other benefits of an early partnership with a world class distributor: 

  • Tracking orders online; reducing the daunting task of traditional expediting. 
  • Consistently receiving material that is AML and country of origin compliant 
  • Taking part in a cloud-based material management system that tracks and monitors PODs, FMRs, MTRs, and project spend. 

All of these opportunities are available through Troop Industrial. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you and all of your EPC needs. What will your next project be?