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Introducing Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam

In recent years, the global conversation surrounding fire suppression, especially related to environmental and health impacts, has increasingly shifted towards solutions that might be able to provide cleaner, safer alternatives to the traditional AFFF foams containing PFAS.

Amidst this transition, one innovative solution has emerged that is gaining significant attention - Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam. This carefully formulated firefighting foam offers a compelling alternative to traditional fluorine-based foams, addressing concerns about environmental impact and health hazards.

In this post, we will delve into the basics of Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam, exploring its composition, effectiveness, and the rationale behind its growing adoption throughout various industries including airports, states and municipalities, and commercial/industrial operations. Whether you're a firefighter, environmental enthusiast, or simply curious about sustainable firefighting technologies, read on as we discuss the benefits of this groundbreaking fluorine-free fire foam.

Fluorine-Free Fire Foam: The Way of the Future

The need to replace Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) with fluorine-free alternatives arises primarily from growing concerns over the environmental and health risks associated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), the key components of AFFF. PFAS are persistent chemicals known to accumulate in the environment and in living organisms, posing serious health risks such as cancer, liver damage, immune system disruption, and developmental issues. 

Firefighters, military personnel, and communities near firefighting training sites or areas with frequent fire incidents face heightened exposure to PFAS through contaminated water sources and air. Moreover, PFAS have been found to persist in the environment for decades without breaking down, leading to widespread contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface water bodies. As a result, the urgency to transition to fluorine-free fire foam formulations has intensified, driven by the imperative to mitigate the harmful effects of PFAS on both environmental ecosystems and human health. In many states, this switch is already being mandated through legislation.

Green Sheet Fire Foam’s Origins and Adoption

Green Sheet Fire Foam emerged from a dedication to bring transparency and integrity to an industry often plagued by unethical practices. Recognizing the global shift towards environmentally sustainable solutions, the developers of Green Sheet Fire Foam committed 2.5 years to rigorous testing, experimenting with over 150 formulations. This dedication stemmed from a desire to address the alarming prevalence of PFAS contamination, particularly in regions like Cancer Alley, where firefighting foam is heavily utilized. 

Green Sheet is notable in its versatility; while traditionally confined to firefighting, it now finds application in sectors such as airports, railways, ships, and industrial plants. Additionally, as governmental bodies like the EPA become increasingly active in investigating and penalizing PFAS usage, the urgency to adopt alternatives like Green Sheet intensifies. Legislation such as the PFAS Action Act and the Clean Water Act highlight the imperative to ban AFFF and address its environmental impact. Despite challenges, some states have implemented take-back programs. Green Sheet offers a single product that can be mixed in varying concentrations, tailored to customer preferences, and volumes, from 5-gallon buckets to tanker trucks, ensuring quick and easy integration into numerous operational contexts.

Why Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what makes Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam different from any other fluorine-free fire foam. Here are a few things you should know about Green Sheet.

One Product for Any Fire

Green Sheet offers a versatile alternative to traditional solutions in both Class A and Class B fires, presenting comparable application rates and performance to the old AFFF, but without the dangers of PFAS exposure. Green Sheet makes implementation very easy by offering pre-mixed options in various concentrations (1%, 3%, or 6%), providing flexibility and convenience to suit diverse firefighting needs without compromising effectiveness.

No Retro-fitting or Additional Storage Space Needed

Green Sheet Fire Foam's careful formulation has resulted in a foam that closely resembles traditional AFFF foam performance (but without PFAS), ensuring familiarity and ease of use for firefighters. It requires significantly less concentrate than other fluorine-free foams, making it a cost-effective choice that will not require additional storage volume for operations converting from old AFFF foams. Further, Green Sheet Fire Foam is a “plug-and-play” solution that won’t require changing out machinery or nozzles, eliminating the need for costly retrofitting. To make adoption even easier, Green Sheet also offers PFAS remediation and removal recommendations and training services for your organization.

Proven Efficacy Through Rigorous Certifications and Field Testing

Green Sheet Fire Foam’s effectiveness has been verified in third-party testing, demo videos and testimonials, showcasing its performance in real-world scenarios. Green Sheet’s UL162B certification is the gold standard for the US and indicates that the foam concentrate has undergone rigorous testing and meets the appropriate standards for fire suppression effectiveness and safety. Results from testing have been shared with open transparency and are discussed in more detail here. 

Maintains Zero LELs Over Extended Periods of Time

Green Sheet Fire Foam’s formulation creates a durable foam film that is self-healing and effectively suppresses flammable vapor concentrations, as confirmed by third-party tests conducted at various timed intervals. The foam's remarkable ability to maintain zero Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) readings over extended periods is crucial for firefighter safety, providing reassurance in hazardous situations. 

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Formulation

Green Sheet’s careful formulation with food and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients shows its commitment to environmental sustainability. The foam is non-toxic, biodegradable within five days, eco-friendly, and poses no harm to aquatic life, wildlife, or vegetation. Notably, its use has been demonstrated in agricultural use even and ensures the safety of livestock and crops. 


In conclusion, as fire suppression technology shifts toward cleaner, safer alternatives in response to mounting concerns over environmental and health impacts (particularly those associated with PFAS-laden AFFF foams), Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam stands at the forefront of this transition, offering a compelling solution that not only matches the performance of traditional foams but does it without the risks of PFAS exposure. Originating from a commitment to being transparent and thoughtful stewards of our environment, Green Sheet has voluntarily undergone rigorous testing and certifications, ensuring its efficacy and safety in real-world scenarios across a wide range of industries. Green Sheet represents not just a technological advancement but a conscientious step towards a greener and safer future in firefighting. 

As Tom Murphree, COO of Green Sheet has said, 

“Our foam is a risk mitigation solution. How do we mitigate your risk of a fire? If you have a catastrophic fire, you use our foam, it's gonna put it out faster than any other product, and it's going to keep it out. It's going to do less damage and you won't have to worry about the EPA looking over your shoulder to clean it up after the fact.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Green Sheet Fluorine-Free Fire Foam, please get in touch. We’d love to answer any questions you have!