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The Secret to Getting into Large EPC Companies As An Electrical Supplier

With managing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) sales, the best way to strategize with large companies is through your distributor. Building the right relationship with a top-tier distributor can set your team up for success on current and future projects. However, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Thankfully, Troop Industrial delivers electrical equipment and supplies for whatever your domestic or international project needs. Our approach is collaborative, focusing on solutions and strong communication so you can gain the products you need on time or early. Read ahead to understand why working with a top-tier distributor will help manage client accounts and grow your team’s sales strategy for long-term success.

Relationships as Foundation

EPC professionals know a proper foundation is essential for a reliable building structure. Why would it be any different for the relationships you build with clients, suppliers, and employees? See your professional relationships as the key foundation for a successful project. Concentrating on the long-term plan for a new EPC project is part of your daily routine. Ensure you incorporate the work relationships you build with team members and distributors in your day-to-day. Working with a distributor that sees the value of your project means you’ll always have an additional team to turn to.

Your Distributor, Your Collaborator

A top-tier distributor has access to supplies, tools, and software your project needs to succeed. It’s important to make certain that your distributor has your best interest in mind. You want to ask yourself the following questions: How will your distributor ship items? What is the time frame? Which previous projects did they assist in? Do they have any additional resources for you, especially with technology? Envision your distributor as your collaborator. You’ll spend a lot of time and resources working together. Make it count!

Get Ahead So You Stay Ahead

It’s no secret that supply chains in every industry continue to struggle with getting materials on time. While your focus is on sales, you need to be certain that your products will arrive ahead of schedule. One way to make this happen is through the partnership you build with your distributor. When your distributor works with the best EPC companies, they can readily supply your project with high-quality materials. Reputable companies seek ‌long-time clients they can rely on. When your distributor is loyal, your team can reap the benefits. Just as you want the next extensive project to run smoothly, so does your supplier.

Getting the products, materials, tools, and hardware your project needs can be a challenge. Make life easier by partnering with a top-tier distributor, one that will see your project as an extension of their own. Troop Industrial has name-brand products you can count on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help next project come to life.