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6 Ways an Experienced Distributor Boosts EPC Project Efficiency

Experience is the name of the game with construction material sourcing. The more proven and varied your sourcing partner’s solutions, the faster things will move. 

Your next EPC project will hum along with maximum efficiency with the help of strategic sourcing from a seasoned construction material distributor like Troop Industrial. We’ve boosted the efficiency of EPC projects of all sizes, in all types of situations, by putting these six advantages to work:

Top-Quality Industrial Supplies

Quality goes a long way. Better products mean reliable results and no backtracking. Contractors and construction companies trust in the strength of Troop. We supply industry-best, name brand products to serve the industry’s best as you take on large-scale EPC projects across America. 

Reliability really counts with industrial supplies. That’s why we exclusively offer proven products that we trust to make your client proud of the results. Troop is the only stocking distributor in Texas for I-Rod & Nu-Bolt, among other top-rated material.  We always stock material that is approved for use in all of the major oil & gas companies that maintain a mature Approved Manufacturers List (AML).

Cloud-Based Material Management

An experienced distributor understands the importance of good communication, planning, and keeping your word when it comes to commitments.  Poor service from a supplier can contribute greatly to a contractor's profitability and reputation with its client.  Online tracking for orders gets rid of purposeless downtime,and opens up communication channels; helping you to track and monitor PODs, FMRs, MTRs, and project spend so that your project can move ahead quickly and stay profitable. 

Troop uses a cloud-based material management system to keep you in-the-know and enhance time-cost efficiency on every order.

Special Ops Support

On an EPC project, the last thing you want is to be caught waiting for material.  On new construction, you know what you are building — there are drawings that outline the products that will be needed.  There is no reason you should be waiting on material. If you truly partner with an experienced material provider, they can outline lead times, advise on potential challenges, and prevent material delays. A good distributor partner will ensure material is waiting on you instead of you waiting on material.

Troop Industrial brings our own special ops team, the PROJEXX GROUP, to the table to ensure your project moves ahead on schedule and on target. Get your key material on-site in advance of when you need it with premier inventory tracking and monitoring.

Prime Positioning For EPC Projects in the U.S.A.

The closer your distributor is to the scene of the action, the faster you’ll get into the action. Troop Industrial has three locations throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. In other words, we’re in a prime position to serve the nation’s economic engine. To achieve maximum efficiency, select a distributor that’s positioned for speed in service and delivery.  In a remote location?  We have material warehousing assets that can deploy for on-site service support.

Easy Access to Detailed Technical Specs

Need specific product dimensions? Want to compare detailed technical information on material for your next project? An experienced distributor takes the guesswork and the legwork out of construction sourcing with easy access to detailed technical specs. Troop puts all of the info you need for confident order placement, speed, and accuracy within a few clicks at all times. 

Serious Service

Service is what separates a construction sourcing partner from the average store. Troop Industrial is a no-nonsense distributor with an experienced, service-first team. When your EPC mission calls for service, call in the Troops. As a veteran-owned business, we’re built to serve and support — no Mega Project is too large. We’re here to make sure you get the job right.

Troop Industrial Understands Mega-Projects & Material Management

Our clientele executes projects on U.S. shores and internationally. Whether you’re an industrial contractor working on a major capital project, an MRO facility along the Gulf coast, or an EPC client working on the next mega-project, we’re proud to serve you. Contact Troop Industrial today to learn more about our site support and product offerings.