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5 Ways Electrical Suppliers Are Gaining A Strategic Advantage Through A Distributor Like Troop Industrial

Partnering with a top-tier distributor is an investment in the success of your next construction project. Troop Industrial offers more than just supplies. We also provide help in team management, data tracking, and premier customer service. Read ahead to learn five ways electrical suppliers are gaining a strategic advantage through Troop Industrial.

1. Access to Name-Brand Products

As an electrical supplier, you need materials such as pipe and structural steel fabricators, enclosure gaskets, specific tools, and many more materials. Troop Industrial works with many electrical and instrumentation clients to ensure they receive all the name-brand materials they need. High-quality hardware is key to maintaining the longevity and safety of your team’s project. Learn more about the supplies we offer so you can get started today.

2. Projexx Group Cloud-Based Management

Troop Industrial recognizes that new technology is essential as the electrical construction industry continues to evolve. We use a cloud-based management system called Projexx Group. With Projexx, it’s more than just software, it's a collaboration between your team and us. We track on and offsite inventories so everyone receives real-time information about order acknowledgments, MTRs (Mill Test Reports), deliveries, invoices, and current material spending.

3. Same-Day Local Shipping & More

Troop Industrial has multiple locations throughout the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana Gulf. We ship via our truck for local deliveries, Hot Shot, LTL, UPS, FedEx or will call. Don’t worry if you aren’t local to Texas or Louisiana. We ship all over the country and abroad. Of course, last-minute emergencies happen. We’ll do everything in our power to ship the same day on in-stock items.

4. Investment in Personal Service

When you choose a distributor for electrical supplies, you want to build a long-lasting partnership. With Troop Industrial, we supply more than just products—we invest ourselves in your success. Our current and past projects include refinery expansions, ethylene EPC projects, skid jobs, pipelines, and other significant collaborations. We know that behind every project is a real team, with people dedicating their time and attention to building something great. Let us help you achieve success in your next endeavor.

5. On-Site Storage

Finding space can be tough, so we offer on-site storage through 40ft containers or semi-trailers. Every on-site storage container has lighting, industrial shelving, work counters, courtesy receptacles, and air conditioning. Whether your project is big or small, Troop Industrial has all of your bases covered.

Joining forces with the right distributor is the first step toward gaining a strategic advantage over the competition. Discover how Troop Industrial can help assist with your next project by contacting us today.