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In the dark hours of Christmas morning 1990, the owner, (at the time) Lance Corporal Brian Swindel, along with fellow Marines arrived in Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm/Desert Shield. On February 24th, 1991 these Marines entered Kuwait beginning the ground assault which lasted four days. During this time the Iraqi military was destroyed and Kuwait was ultimately liberated.

The Marines of this unit became a security force in a remote agricultural area of Kuwait. They had plenty of ammunition, water, and meals ready to eat (MRE’s). There were however no tents, cots, hot food, or any other luxuries of life . . . normal conditions for Marines.

Swindel had a Platoon Sergeant by the name of Sergeant Troop. Sergeant Troop was always resourceful. Prior to leaving “Tent City” in Saudi Arabia, Sergeant Troop “acquired” an Army HMMWV (Humvee). It came in handy for hauling extra gear on our way to Kuwait!

Once the war was over and the area secured, the Company 1st Sergeant directed Sergeant Troop to go and find some cots. Cots! In the middle of the desert! It’s not like there is a Wal-Mart close by. Sergeant Troop left for a few hours in the Army Humvee and came back with a load of cots and a couple of tents!!!

As time went along Sergeant Troop would show up with what’s called Tray Packs which are like large Stouffers meals. Everyone wondered where Sergeant Troop was getting all this great stuff and was glad to get it!

Come to find out Sergeant Troop was going into an Army supply area a few miles away with the Army Humvee he “acquired” and was gathering up some of the luxuries the Army had.

Sergeant Troop was tasked with what some would think was the impossible. Cots in the middle of the desert, special food items, etc. He made it happen and didn’t make excuses!

That is the kind of Spirit Brian Swindel wanted for his company. If a customer calls in the middle of the night and wants something – our customer gets it! If a customer is in a remote area and needs material – we make it happen!

Troop Industrial is not named after Sergeant Troop; rather the “can do” spirit, the “make no excuses” mentality, the “whatever it takes” attitude to make sure his customers are taken care of. Orders are delivered on time, in a squared away package, with a legible label, with paperwork that is in order, accurate, complete and logical.

The Team at Troop Industrial shares this spirit and is always eager to help our customers, day or night, 24/7 – 365 days a year.

In addition to our dedication to our customers, Troop Industrial is also committed to supporting our countries Veterans. Many of our Team members are former military. We have Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Veterans on board. Troop Industrial makes an effort to hire men and women with valuable military experience or a background that will effectively support our mission.

THAT is the story behind the name.

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